Astrological Monster Lighter

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✨ Refillable, hand sculpted/painted lighter

✨ One-of-a-kind

✨ Durable, but handle with care

✨ Normal for paint to wear off over time with use, adding character

✨ Pictured by order of the Zodiac

✨ Sagittarius the Centaur, wielding a bow & arrow

✨ Aquarius the Water Bearer

✨ Aries the Ram

✨ Capricorn the Goat

✨ Taurus the Bull

✨ Virgo the Corn Carrying Lady of Harvest

✨ Libra the Scales

✨ Gemini the Twins

✨ Scorpio the Scorpion

✨ Pisces the Fish

✨ Leo the Lion

✨ Cancer the Crab

✨ Handmade in Los Angeles for us by our pal, @toomuchdan